In an attempt to broaden the intellectual outreach of conservative thought we invite you to submit your research papers for inclusion on this site. If selected for posting, we will post a review of your work and keep it posted on this page with your personal information/credentials. We will accept anything that contributes to conservative intellectual thought, so don’t worry about the formatting or style. If the content meets that broad description, we will post it. The submissions are listed in order of publishing date, not submission to Moore Common Sense. Please send your work to submissions [at]


3/28/2011“Cultural Marxism: The Doom of Language”, By Robert F. Beaudine. This research paper is a comprehensive history of the definitions and redefinitions of language through social sciences. Review in progress.
12/6/2010“Hollywood politics: Political communication in cinema”, By Alan Moore. This is a simple and short research study on the role of conservative and liberal politics in U.S. films. Moore samples a number of 2008 movies and documents political themes, concluding a definite bias from the Left.

3/31/10“Re-establishing Federalism in the United States: Is a Constitutional Convention the Answer?” By Alan Moore. This essay was originally published in the Bearing Drift E-zine. It includes an interview with Virginia Delegate Jim LeMunyon on the efforts in the Commonwealth to call for a constitutional convention. With the growing encroachment of the federal government on the states, is it time to consider enacting Article V of the U.S. Constitution?

1/22/10-“A Critical Analysis of the Multicultural Research and Resource Center of George Mason University” by Michael Gryboski. Offering a critical analysis of the views and claims of the Multicultural Research and Resource Center of George Mason University, this essay was posted on the MRRC of GMU’s Facebook group and also sent out via email to assorted GMU faculty and staff. Outside of an unfulfilled promise to reply by one staff member, no known responses exist.

7/17/2009“Is Socialism a Real Possibility in the United States?” By Alan Moore. This paper was written in 2009 when the national debate centered around the role of government concerning the Obama Administration’s attempts to move the country further left. At the time there was general panic in the air that the U.S. would embrace socialism. Moore examines past intrusions on liberty and the threat of Trotskyism in America, the New Deal and its unpopular opposition, the Great Society, and then transitions into a debate on the American dream. This paper is a bold prediction on how things may come about in the years to come.