From time to time there is a special blog post or op-ed that leaves a lingering effect on its audience. Eventually after time that content is lost in a mishmash of Internet postings and new policy battles. In an effort to remember some of the top conservative content, we have the hall of fame, an online museum of sorts for bold literary works of art. If you would like to nominate something send us the link and/or document and tell us why: submissions [at] 

All newspaper opinion pieces and blog posts that have impacted its audience in an effective and interesting way will be accepted.

Hall of Famers

11/30/10 - “Illegal immigration is still illegal: An intellectually honest argument,” by Alan Moore. This blog post turned out to be the farewell address to Bearing Drift. This is a prime example of writing on emotion (grammatical and spelling errors are still intact to illustrate that point) and it earned the author quite a bit of criticism. Of course, that’s what we strive for.

11/17/10 - “Why do liberals hate free speech?” by Alan Moore. Originally printed in Broadside, George Mason University’s student paper. The title says it all..

8/26/10 – “The Growing Irrelevancy of Unions,” by Alan Moore. Originally printed in Broadside. Gotta call em the way I see em, unions are going the way of the dinosaur…and good riddance.

3/2010 – “Hail to the Redskins – Why our local football team should never change its mascot,” by Alan Moore. Originally printed in Broadside. This was just a fun piece to write in response to an overzealous professor who felt the term “Redskins” is offensive, although there is overwhelming evidence to oppose that notion.

2/2010 - “Climategate scandal shows the hypocrisy of anthropogenic global warming,”  by Alan Moore. This op-ed was originally printed in Broadside, George Mason University’s student paper. It blew the collective minds of the eco-radicals that infest the Mason campus. This article resulted in dozens of letters to the editor submitted (5 of which by “objective” professors) calling for censorship of the author.

11/19/2009 – “Why is the Left so afraid of Sarah Palin,” by Alan Moore. Originally posted at the Fairfax County Conservative Examiner this post generated quite a bit of buzz amongst outraged liberals.