“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

-Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

Moore Common Sense launched on Valentines Day February 14, 2011 at 9:50 PM with the simple goal of promoting unapologetic and no holds barred conservative commentary. We believe that principles are always more important than politics and conservatism is the only way to cure the ills of society. Living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area our contributors have a wide array of political experience. Being so close to the goings-on at the Capitol we are immersed in the politics and dialogue concerning the pertinent issues facing our country. We hope to carry on that dialogue on this website and encourage you to drop us a line or leave a comment here and there. Thank you for visiting!


Alan Moore
 About Us
Founder of MCS and lead contributor. Alan has spent a number of years in public relations and politics. He has served as the press secretary for a presidential campaign, a Washington, DC nonprofit organization, has consulted a number of other campaigns, and is active in local and national politics. He founded this site with the intention of presenting conservative ideas in a unique and sometimes humorous manner and of to combat the Left. You can contact Alan at alan [at] moorecommonsense.com
 About Us
Kat has a long history of working in politics. From various conservative organizations to presidential campaigns, she has been active in the political scene since she was a child. She is considered a firebrand conservative and always places principles before politics. You can email Kat at kat [at] moorecommonsense.com
Michael Gryboski
 About Us
Michael Gryboski was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, making him one of the few people living in Northern Virginia who’s actually from Northern Virginia. He earned a bachelor of arts in history with a minor in psychology from George Mason University. A writer aspiring to greatness, Michael’s work can be found on numerous websites. Michael would rather be correct than widely accepted. You can email Michael at michael [at] moorecommonsense.com
Dr. Phil Taverna
 About Us
Dr. Phil is the author of YourDemocracyChange.Com. and Is Now the Time for “Revolution or Aggressive Reform: Volume 1″ Dr. Phil seeks a solution to the bipolarization of America and a common sense solution to bringing peace to the political anger. He has hosted talk radio shows and has written newspaper and internet columns. Dr. Taverna has presented seminars nationally. He has attended Utica College of Syracuse University, Wagner College, NYU School of Dentistry, and Seton Hall School of Law.
 About Us
An educated, well traveled and successful entrepreneur and business executive who has had the opportunity to experience all sides of life including some significant ups and downs. As a foreign born immigrant and naturalized American citizen he’s lived under a variety of political and social systems both democratic and totalitarian. He loves the American way of life and all that it offers. However, his world view has been shaped by many global life experiences  and so he look at events from a somewhat different perspective than most Americans. He also is the founder of the blog  a little left of right”.
Chris Graham
 About Us
Chris Graham is a 23-year-old chap residing in northern Virginia, just a 30-minute drive from the District of Corruption. He was once endearingly called a “conservative swashbuckler,” and if that’s not credibility, what is? Though the amount of wisdom in this self-proclaimed genius’s head makes one envision a thickly bearded octogenarian sailor who smokes a pipe and has only one eye, Chris is most assuredly, probably, of sound mind. A forewarning to those who have not yet been exposed to Chris’s writings: he has no tolerance for obfuscating facts in the name of sensitivity. To read more of what he has to say, visit his political blog and follow him on Twitter.