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The network for fools

How is MSNBC still in business? The mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and liberalism continues to shame itself day after day. And I’m not talking about the most recent Mark Halperin suspension.

Yes, the Mark Halperin comparison to the President as a male sexual organ was over the top. However, compared to what some of the more vicious things said on that network, it seemed pretty tame and an accurate assessment of Barack Obama’s sham of a press conference.

The list of suspensions on MSNBC continues to grow. The Atlantic laid out the history of MSNBC suspensions rather nicely yesterday.

The real crime of MSNBC is its continued stance for leftist policies. The news media is constantly in the tank for liberals and the ratings show how unsuccessful that has become. With the left controlling the news media News Corp launched Fox News sensing there was a disgruntled conservative audience out there to tap. They were right and Fox News is now the #1 cable news outlet for it. MSNBC and other networks of their ilk had a monopoly and blew it because of their rampant unprofessionalism, shoddy reporting, and biased news coverage. MSNBC earns buffoon of the week for contributing to the lack of faith in news media and for taking what should be a respectable institution and turning it into a farce. The Mark Halperin incident was just a reminder of how low this network has sunk.

 Buffoon of the Week: MSNBC

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