Ambassador Jon Huntsman Buffoon of the Week: Jon Huntsman

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman

I was really tempted to put Newt Gingrich down for this dubious award, but whenever I hear nonsensical eco-radical blabber from a Republican I just can’t help myself. Potential presidential candidate and Obama Administration Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman had a rather tantalizing interview with TIME Magazine recently.

On the question, “You also believe in climate change, right?” Huntsman responds with:

“This is an issue that ought to be answered by the scientific community; I’m not a meteorologist. All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the oncological community said something was causing cancer we’d listen to them. I respect science and the professionals behind the science so I tend to think it’s better left to the science community – though we can debate what that means for the energy and transportation sectors.”

Where did he get that 90% figure? I don’t have a clue but it’s the same rhetoric that eco-radical lefties peddle when they propose we go back to the stone age in terms of technology in order to solve a “problem” that may or may not exist. The most comprehensive poll I have seen regarding scientists and anthropogenic global warming shows much more varying opinions that the left would have you believe.

The whole global warming argument seems to me to be more about economic control by liberals than anything else. If it isn’t then why do they propose decimating the world economy with cockamamie ideas like cap-and-trade and banning automobiles? If global warming is such a serious problem then the answer is more advanced technology, not giving up essential things like automobiles, air conditioning units, and taxing us to death.

Further showing his leadership skills, or lack there of, Jon Huntsman punted on the question of, “Afghanistan and Libya; should we be there?”

There will be more to say about that. I wanted to pursue public service more than anything on the public policy side; until only a year before we ran, it really hadn’t occurred to me that [running for office] was a sane thing to do. You make fun of people who run, but if you’re not willing to run, what kind of patriot are you?”

Wow…what a plan.

To me this guy has “RINO” spelled all over him. I don’t see how someone jumps from the Obama Administration to running against the president he currently works for. I also don’t see how he gets past his love letter he wrote to Barack Obama.

Of course, stranger things have happened. Stay tuned.

 Buffoon of the Week: Jon Huntsman

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