Mitt Romney Mitt Romney: Romneycare was one of the greatest things that had to happen

Gov. Mitt Romney

Today Mitt Romney will give a speech in attempts to shed the label that Romneycare is no different than Obamacare. But in his last run for President, he didn’t back away from it at all. Below is a video of him in 2007 on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. His comments are pretty telling.

I genuinely have some major concerns about Mitt Romney. However, in this political climate if he says he would work to undo Obamacare I believe he would have no choice but to do so as president. I also believe that he is the type of person who will say whatever to get elected and that is major cause for concern. If you don’t know where someone really stands on an issue then you haven’t a clue as to what he would do as president. We’re seeing that now with Barack Obama where neither the left or the right is getting what they expected. That was the biggest knock on Romney in 2007 when health care wasn’t a major issue. Immigration and the war in Iraq were by far more talked about issues in the Republican primary. It wasn’t until late in 2007 and early 2008 that the economy became the focal point.

As I’ve been saying since February I still believe Mitt Romney will win the nomination. Recent trends seem to point that way. He’s leading in the national polls average. He is blowing it away in New Hampshire. He’s polling 2nd in Iowa behind Mike Huckabee, who I don’t think is going to run. It’s a bit early to put too much stock in polls but considering Romney hasn’t even visited Iowa or South Carolina this year, the fact he’s up so high is interesting to say the least.

One caveat, this video was meant to play on class warfare. The theme is evil rich Republicans versus the hardworking blue collar Americans. I apologize for posting a video with such nonsense but this was the only clip I could remember of him talking about Romneycare as a candidate in 2007.

Go to 1:40 where he says:

“One of the things that I’m proud of being able to do in my state is putting know I was governor of the state next door…putting in..and trying a plan that gets everyone health insurance. And that was in my opinion one of the greatest things that had to happen and I’d like to see, frankly, all of our…”

It’s too bad the diner worker cuts him off before he can finish. It’s possible she saved him from further embarrassment if the end of that sentence was “frankly all of our country should follow such a model.” Wouldn’t that of been a juicy little tidbit?

Speed ahead to 4:50 and this should cast away any notions that he believes what they did were a mistake:

“I’m proud of what we did there and it could be a model in a lot of ways for a lot of states like New Hampshire”

 Mitt Romney: Romneycare was one of the greatest things that had to happen

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  1. RomneyCare – good obamaCare – bad
    Ahhh, Mitt obamaCare was build from a foundation of RomneyCare. Sorry, you are a delusional person if you think you can win the nomination. We rejected you once and we will reject you again.

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