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As much as it kills me to admit it, at this point I believe Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination for President and lose to Barack Obama in 2012. Before everyone writes me off, bear with me for just a second – and I’m not just saying this because Intrade agrees with me

Concerning Romney, let’s be honest, at the end of the day, after all the back and forth and flirtations with more conservative candidates Republicans nominate who they think is the safest and most likely to actually win. Don’t believe me? Take a look at how John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford won their respective nominations. Look at their opponents and how their campaigns were run. Even Reagan couldn’t unseat the more moderate Ford in 1976. 

Romney is the economy candidate, conservatives grudgingly started to support him when it was apparent he was the only viable option to McCain in 2008, already has a campaign network set up, and he has the money and a highly skilled campaign staff to pull out primary victories. 

Now most people want to write him off because of Romneycare, and it’s a valid point. However, the shelf life of a political issue rarely exceeds a short period of time. The fact that we’ve been discussing health care for two years now is nothing short of astounding. However, it will peak sooner rather than later. No matter what the Republicans in the House do to quell Obamacare, it will be a distant memory in 2012 and not one of the key issues of the race. With Romneycare no longer an issue Romney has a clear path to the nomination. 

Concerning Obama, you can foretell the agenda of any President by their State of the Union address. In 2010 the President was very combative while he lobbied for leftist policies. Then he proceeded to pursue those policies while throwing caution to the wind. This year Obama gave an utterly boring and pointless speech with very little substance. 

High speed Internet and rail are the biggest priorities of this Administration, seriously? 

What he signaled was a departure from major policy initiatives and a focus on mundane policies that don’t really rile anyone up on either side of the aisle. That being said, I think the country forgets about the last two years in the next two years, likes Obama personally, and votes to give him a second term. This is known as the Bill Clinton strategy and it worked perfectly for him in 1996. 

Before I’m accused of being a squishy RINO in the tank for Obama or Romney or something, let me be clear that I pray with every fiber of my being that I’m wrong on both accounts. I do not support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. I hope they both lose but after looking at the tea leaves I’m afraid those possibilities are not going to come true. 

Conservatives need to recognize and confront these scenarios now before it’s too late. There are a few ways we can prevent Romney and/or Obama from winning if we take action. In my next post I’ll discuss a simple plan we can choose to take.

 How Obama will win Reelection

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2 Responses to “How Obama will win Reelection”

  1. Romney will win ,because the very people(namely the working class), who gave Obama the chance to make a change will vote for the Repub. and the tea party and independents will as so come together and vote for Repub.Why? Because they don’t want another four years of this Obama goverment. I don’t think the same people who got him elected will show up, but I do feel the repub. will show up in droves. Let us pray.

    • obd, I think you are spot on. At the end of the day, even after flirting with more “daring” choices for the nomination, Republicans always seem to go with who they think has the best chance to win. I agree with you that Romney is probably a lock at this point. Although this year it is pretty tough to tell since this election cycle is breaking a lot of the rules. We might not know everyone that is in the race until October!


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